Friday, November 6, 2009

Fruit Tree Status

Here are some shots of my front garden fruit trees in mid spring.

Fig (possibly White Adriatic)
- I grew this from a cutting and its now about 4 years old

Peach - Elberta
- Second year in the ground, we only had a few fruit last year but theres about 15 this year.

Apricot - Moorpark
- Second year, amazing tasting fruit but they are falling off in the wind!

Black Currants
- My very first plants are now in the ground and maybe in ten years i'll get a glass of ribena out of them. Can hardly wait.

Duo Plum - Pizazz/Mariposa
- Growing like mad in their new location.

Fig - Brown Turkey
- First year, 30 bucks for a stick with some roots!

Dwarf Red Peach
- seems nice

Cherry - Starkrimson
- Taken shortly after my on and only cherry mysteriously disappeared.

Duo Apricot (Storey)/Plumcot
- Looking forward to trying the plumcot fruit next year.

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