Saturday, February 19, 2011

Neglected developments.

Neglecting your garden can be beneficial sometimes. You stop worrying why your Capsicums wilt when they get too much water, your grass is waist high and your cat is lost in there somewhere etc. After a while you may be pleasantly surprised at the things what have happened while you couldn't be bothered.
I tried one of these grapes today and after an initial pleasant burst of flavor I distinctly felt my throat start to close over with the bitterness and it took four croissants to even begin to resolve the problem.

They cost 20 dollars a kilo in the shops but if you grow them on your nature strip people don't touch them!

These are the Birds-eyes, they are pointy evil.

This is the biggest of the Jalapeno crop.

Regular dynamic lifter paying off with the climbing Peace rose.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I Need Blood.

The garden has been moist and disappointing lately to say the least and this post has been going moldy in my drafts box for almost a month. The Mariposa plums were the second plum harvest this year and ripe for a stewing.

The bean harvest eclipsed the plum harvest several fold and the biscuit harvest was also significant. The biscuit harvest was the end result of offering a portion of the bean harvest to some of my old Greek lady fan club.

Look at the colour! They were remarkably easier to skin than the Pizazz.


You're never alone when you're night gardening. As the weather has got warmer over the last few weeks I've started encountering manner of creepy things. Here's the first skink i've come across. The rendered wall must be an optimum surface for their suction feet.

This Prey Mantis seriously wanted to kick my ass. This was the first of a series of photos I took and the only one with flash. I think that must have shat him off because he turned towards me, outstretched his arms and started dancing back and forth. Mantises are interesting because they definitely register and react to your presence. I left him to guard my Jalapenos.

He's commin for me!

This is literally the mother of all Golden Orbs. I've been watching this one fatten up for a few months now and am well practiced at not walking into her web as that would be a brown trousers experience indeed. If you happen to be out around dusk when they spin their webs its quite a sight.