Saturday, February 19, 2011

Neglected developments.

Neglecting your garden can be beneficial sometimes. You stop worrying why your Capsicums wilt when they get too much water, your grass is waist high and your cat is lost in there somewhere etc. After a while you may be pleasantly surprised at the things what have happened while you couldn't be bothered.
I tried one of these grapes today and after an initial pleasant burst of flavor I distinctly felt my throat start to close over with the bitterness and it took four croissants to even begin to resolve the problem.

They cost 20 dollars a kilo in the shops but if you grow them on your nature strip people don't touch them!

These are the Birds-eyes, they are pointy evil.

This is the biggest of the Jalapeno crop.

Regular dynamic lifter paying off with the climbing Peace rose.

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