Saturday, December 10, 2011

Grafting Update - The Unveiling

The only step involved in grafting that no one on the Internet seems to agree on, is when to remove your grafting tape. Too soon and the graft union may not have formed completely, also removing the significant strength the tape adds to the join. Too late and the graft may 'girdle' as the scion bulges or 'muffin-tops' as it is called these days, over the tape. Is there a worry free solution? Certainly. Special grafting tape is available that works like dissolving stitches, protecting and supporting the graft, then bio-degrading when its job is done. However, if you don't feel like paying $45 for a roll of special sticky tape, normal stretchy grafting tape will do the job. But you will have to angst over when to perform the unveiling. Luckily, I have twenty apple trees and can designate one as a sacrificial lamb. I chose this one because the graft looked virile and bulging under the tape and I am photographing it every day to observe its progress. Everything is going well 4 days in and the graft appears to change colour as it reacts to the air.

The mop-graft will be unwrapped shortly if everything goes well with the test graft.

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