Saturday, February 11, 2012

All Citrus Great and Small

On a recent house call seeing to a two year old blood orange with suspected leaf yellowing, my love for citrus trees was re-awakened. I gave it a thorough and well-lit inspection from all angles, leaning the pot over, getting it to cough etc. I then realized that not only was quite a healthy looking tree but it was also hands down healthier than any of my citrus! This is my dwarf Lisbon (right) in its raised planter on the front corner of the house. After about three years in the ground, cropping regularly and developing into a well balanced tree, it seems to be showing significant signs of nutrient deficiency. I only wish citrus trees could work on displaying their woes in more varied ways than just yellow leaves. Why can't they just vary the colours a bit? Or emit an unpleasant odour for one problem and moan at you when you walk past for another? Nope, they just get all liverish at the first sign of trouble and you have to stare at these yellow patterns like fortune telling tea leaves to work things out. I've just remembered that I used to have a variegated Meyer lemon with the mottled green and yellow leaves fitted as standard! I mean, how the hell are you supposed to know when its got a problem! Luckily it died though. My gut feeling with the Lisbon is its a Magnesium deficiency, as the leaves are forming the characteristic yellow apex tapering out towards the tips. The older leaves look the worst and the rest are heading in the same direction. Seeing as summer is getting along I'm going to go for Yates Dynamic Lifter for Citrus and an extra dose of Epsom Salts and see where that gets me. I might even add some Smeckler's Powder or a Balsam Specific too. In a month or two I'll post the results, for better or worse.

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