Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rose Removalist

Is one of your friends moving house? Do they have a rose that the real estate agent hasn't specified in the property description? Then there's only one thing to do, it must be rescued and granted sanctuary in your garden. I've relocated quite a few roses now and this one was by far the easiest. Firstly its the middle of winter so it had more or less shut up shop for the year. Secondly it was growing in the rich and loamy soils of the Victorian highlands where the roots could be delicately extracted with a minimum of extreme violence. And third I only received two significant scratches. I have planted it alongside my other rescued roses in a spot where one that didn't make it used to reside. I have pruned it ruthlessly to reduce the transplant shock and create a more balanced spread of canes. This spring it will receive slightly less feeding and spraying than the others but I will be doing everything possible to keep black spot at bay. Unfortunately no matter how hard I fight against black spot, it always wins in the end. I just can't match its enthusiasm.

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