Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Apple Blossom

Yesterday was officially the first day for apple blossom. Apples bloom much later than Plums, Peaches and Apricots but roughly around the same time as Cherries. The honor of the first bloom (below), belongs to the Crofton. Crab apples on the other hand are a little more enthusiastic and have been blooming their asses off for the better part of a month now. The extremely showy blooms further down are from the North Rd "hedgerow" where I was gleaning scion wood a few weeks back. As they bloom much earlier I'm not sure how useful they will be for pollinating purposes but I have it on good authority that they will make good.

 Crofton Bloom. Simple, understated, potentially delicious.

Crab apple blooms. Showy, ridiculous, potentially useful.

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