Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bee personal space infringement

I have now decided definitively that bees do not like having their picture take. As soon as the lens looms near they bugger off to a different flower and if you bother them sufficiently, a different tree all together. I took about 200 photos over the afternoon and these six were the pick of the crop. I don't think I've ever seen bees with such weighty pollen baskets of their hind legs and I'm curious to know where they are taking it. Are there suburban bee hives like those weird people who keep pigeons and let them out once a day to fly around in circles? The apple tree that they were so enamored with was the Summer Strawberry, star producer of 2011 and most prolific bloomer of all the apple trees I'm growing. Summer Strawberry would make an excellent supplementary graft to other apples to provide pollen. One day I will be allowed to have my own bees.

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