Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Night Nibbler

As a night gardener you often cross paths with other travelers of the night. This was my third encounter with a very tame ring-tail possum that frequents our roof via the power line. On our first encounter, my first reaction was to poke him with a stick. Finding him (or her) unphased by this simple but effective form of communication we proceeded to play a game of tug-of-war to settle the battle of hand vs tail. On our second encounter I extended the olive branch of peace, or as it happens, bamboo garden stake with plum attached. On this occasion the offering was rebuffed, trust it seems was slow in coming. Last night however things were different. After a second day of +40 degree temperatures a cold plum was well received. With two hands on the wire and two on the job, the offering was soon reduced to a pit and a second plum was hoisted up to replace it. Despite the damage caused to my trees it's hard to dislike these little guys. Perhaps it's the lack of connection to the animal world you feel in suburbia, or just the charm exuded by any creature with fur and a wet nose. If he touches my apples I might feel differently but until that day a visit on the wire will be rewarded by a plum on a stick.

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