Friday, October 8, 2010

A taxi drive asked Jo the other day if we were Greek, I can't imagine why. Vigerous new growth on the Waltham Cross grape.

The blood orange doesn't do things in halves. It will end up dropping all but one or two of these flowers but the ones that remain will create the sacred fruit.

Chilli!!! Very excited too see the first Cayenne Pepper germinating. Chillis are hard to grow from seed as they need higher soil temps than other seeds.

These were the Cayennes from '07 which I grew before I started putting chilli on almost everything I eat. Back then I was shocked when Matt ate a whole one these in front of me, I was the learner back then now I am the master.

Plenty of cherries on the Starkrimson, maybe 10 to 15, enough for a small bowl I should think. In a couple of weeks there will be a net going up round this tree to deter birds/neighbours.

Last years crop of 1!

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