Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ITS WAR! (against snails)

While out at 2am putting seasol on the garden as on does, I couldn't help but notice the alarming amount of snails on the loose at the moment! Literally too many for my boot to keep up with. Must be something about the weather at the moment that makes for ideal snailing. Unfortunately I can't put down any snail bait in the cat run and giving snails beer is effective but expensive and unusual. So all I can do is stomp about the place and rationalise that snails are mearly part of the living biomass of the planet Earth and just as much use to it squashed as they are whole.

When I pruned the grape vines for the first time during winter I struck all the offcuts and 100% have taken. They are all table grapes, mainly black muscat and waltham cross and a couple of cardinal's. They'll spend a year in pots before I have to find homes for them.

Likewise the brown turkey fig cuttings are looking really good. They were from a tree in an undisclosed location in the local area which we managed to procure some fruit off last season and it was superb. There's about ten trees here, none of which we've got room for. Its a bit like having kittens really.

As much as I absolutely hate these trees which the council put on our nature strip and I subsequently removed and replaced with more productive and concrete disturbing alternatives (figs). And as much as i'm seriously considering founding a League Against Ornamental Gardening, these now potted ornamental pears looked really nice caught in the light of the shed window. Perhaps I won't use them as bicycle jousting poles after all.

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