Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ripening Apricots and Mariposa Plums

Most of the apricots are only a few days off being ripe now. They were still a bit firm when I took these shots this morning but they certainly look ready to eat. I'm thinking about some sort of apricot tart and also stewing a few based on the success of the stewed plums. The tree is 3 years old now, the first year there were three fruits, the second year ten and this year about forty.

The mariposa plums are a few weeks behind the Pizazz and this is the first time (year 2) that the mariposa has fruited. They are developing a nice red blush which will intensify over the next few weeks. Next year the plum trees are going to get some serious cherry slug treatment so they don't look so flea-bitten.

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