Monday, January 17, 2011

Jalapeno problems

Given the situation with the weather this summer its probably not worth getting the least bit upset when things fail to grow properly. The most obvious victim seems to be my Jalapeno peppers. The first crop I planted some time in early December went as far as to die back to ground level completely with the exception of a few plants. After that sobering experience I decided to rear a second batch in pots until they were strong and established before putting them in the ground. They did well in pots, developed healthy strong roots and had vivid deep green leaves. Then I moved them into the garden bed and the problems got started again. As you can see the lower leaves start to yellow and brown at the edges. Then they drop and it appears that i'm pruning them to look like standard roses, which I probably wouldn't do.
Information on the issue is lacking on google but i'm starting to think its because this issue is more broadly applicable to plants rather than some rare Jalapeno disease. I toyed with the idea that it could be some kind of soil borne fungal disease like Verticillium. But in the end the most likely cause would appear to be overwatering. Thats right, the first year in a decade that we've had any decent rain and it turns out to be the worst year anyone could have imagined for growing anything except grass and weeds. Still, you've got to laugh.

There are a few faint glimmers of hope. Probably enough for one pizza.

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