Thursday, November 29, 2012

R.I.P. Bramulator

Nature can be cruel, very cruel. And survival of the fittest is often replaced by the random lottery of disease and death. Such was the fate of my most promising Bramley apple, the Bramulator. After a day of record temperatures for November, apparently, I was watering in the evening only to find that the Bramulator had had its ass handed to it by a strange and disfiguring wound developing on its side. My heart sank, I had become very attached to this little guy and was looking forward to pulverising him in a blender and making apple sauce. As of yet I haven't identified the condition however it looks quite distinctive and I went to the effort of documenting it scientifically before I laid the Bramulator to rest. In years to come there will be so many apples (I hope) that this level of individual coveting will be impractical. But for now I will continue to honor this apple that gave its life to further the cause of apple disease research. Your death will not have been in vain, you would have been delicious.

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