Thursday, December 6, 2012

Malteser Syndrome

I have to say I'm almost numb now to the countless mysterious horrors presented to me when I walk through the apple orchard at the moment. This one however was just horrific enough to stir me. I think I'll call it the Malteser syndrome, firstly because I've got no idea so far as to what it really is and secondly for wholly obvious reasons. The damage is limited to the Summer Strawberry which continues to accept the brunt of natures boot this year and is limited to only five or six of the fruit. My sole suspicion so far is that its got something to do with the vicious 40 degree day we had about a week ago. Leaves were burnt and feelings hurt in the wake of that stinker and the sun-facing feature of these big brown spots is a dead giveaway. From the cross-section, the damage appears to be superficial but I can't see an apple recovering from this.

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