Friday, December 3, 2010

Lament for my Morello Cherries

I don't know what it was that compelled me to photograph my two precious morello cherries the other morning. Probably the same urge that drives me to photograph everything else I grow but they had changed almost overnight to this really vivid cherry red. Unfortunately as with my single Starkrimson cherry last season, I wasn't the only one to take notice of them. When I went to check them again that afternoon all that remained were two stalks!!! I did consider netting them, i had the necessary materials and the time but I decided not the insanity. I'm hoping to console myself by visiting a Morello cherry farm in Red Hill shortly.

The grape vines on the other hand don't mess around with two measly little fruits. These are photos of the fruit set on the Black Muscat vine. Its about 5 years old now, three of those years were spent in a pot. I bought it during my misguided bonsai phase and had plans to prune and torture it accordingly. Bonsai is not for me. There are more bunches on the vine than I can count and as these will be the first successful grapes I've grown this is very exciting.

I saw this puddle of water in one of the succulents under the lemon tree the other day. The skin of these plants shows off water's incredible surface tension properties. It's almost as if the weater is no longer affected by gravity.


  1. awesome pic of the water, it almost looks solid, not liquid - delicately shaped crystal or ice or something!

  2. amazing succulent/water photo. I'm reading a Stephen King book at the moment called Under the Dome, about an invisible dome that - falls? appears? - on a town, cutting them off from the rest of the world. King-esque madness ensues. Anyway, there's one scene in the book where he's describing how the dome cuts off a stream, and an observer on the outside of the dome is trying to explain to a guy on the INSIDE of the dome what it looks like, and he goes, "it's kinda like those bags that you bring goldfish home in" and anyway, what I suspect is that it looks very much like this. actually this probably doesn't make sense.

    (longest, most exhausting comment EVER)