Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rose Trellis & Pumpkin Encroachment

This area of skillfully rendered brickwork was a good target for a trellis and i've finally got around to building one and sticking it to the wall. I can now say with some authority that painting wood lattice is one of the most awful and laborious tasks known to man. But the result looks good and will soon be almost completely obscured by the climbing 'peace' rose planted beneath it.

Not my photo but a good example of the peace rose.

The Butternut Pumpkins planted under the first crop of corn have started making their way out into the street to assault passers-by. I'm not surprised as its fairly dark under the corn and the hot sunny footpath must look tempting through the pickets. It is my fond hope that soon we will have pumpkins growing out on the footpath challenging conventional growing techniques.

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