Monday, December 6, 2010

The Night Gardener

Now begins the era of the night gardener! Everything about gardening at night is better than the day. The nights are cool and mild while the days at the moment are sunny and sticky. The daytime, the morning in particular, is also a strange and rarely visited place by someone with my body clock. The night has a magnificent stillness and solitude as well, like you're the only one there is... suits me.
This is my 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' night gardening light staff made with a 150 watt halogen work light, a bamboo stake and cable ties, the universal binding agent. I built it so I could light otherwise darkened corners of the garden at all hours of the evening. The 150 watt bulb is softer and warmer light than its 500 watt sea level rising bigger brother. Jo mentioned that it was very 'Raider's of the Lost Ark' and it turned out she was referring to the scene in the map room with the crystal staff thing (see below). I thought she was referring to the Nazi work-lamps in the scene near the end of the film where they open the ark and this amused her no end. So here it is, my Nazi work-lamp.

The map room scene with the light-staff, obvious you would think.

The Nazi work-lamp scene.

Bug trails or ghostly apparitions preceding the bit where your face melts off.

I took this night rose photo and was impressed with the quality under the different light.


  1. Love the new blog suits you. The neighbours may think you're crazy, but I'm your biggest fan.


  2. aww you guys are cute. Very original title and blog concept btw. But I am a little annoyed at having to change my default home page browser setting.