Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apple Graft Progress

No words to describe what a relief it was to see the first traces of green poking out from the buds of my apple grafts. That's ancient history now though as the grafts flourish in the Spring sun and rain and every day I can see new growth happening. Only one of the Calville Blanc's doesn't seem to have made it. After sending out the first shoots ahead of all the rest, they have turned brown and things don't look so good. So that's 21 out of 22 grafts or 95.45...% success rate!

This is one of the Bramley grafts outshining pretty much everything else. The scion wood came from the maiden whip of the Bramley tree I bought for my apple orchard. I assume the lack of flowers results from the scion wood being from the central leader as opposed to a fruiting spur. Not sure if I'm right or if one is better to graft with than any other. We'll see.

Here's my Corryong Seedling (as its temporarily called) on the mega mop rootstock and showing good progress. Like the picture below, flowers are developing which is odd but it will be interesting to see what the flowers look like. I'm not anticipating fruit from them quite yet and could only imagine it to create undue strain on the graft union.

Another Corryong Seedling graft with further developed flowers.

This is a Corryong Seedling from different scion wood which was a bit thicker and lighter in colour, also the buds were smaller and spaced further apart. No flowers are developing on this graft.

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