Monday, October 24, 2011

Native Bees and first signs of apples.

I'm hoping this isn't a premature announcement but its beginning to look like there will be an apple season this year. The three varieties planted last year (Crofton, Pomme De Neige and Summer Strawberry) are all sporting some of these swollen flower buds whose growth I will monitor obsessively. They all flowered together which is a big plus and after that its all up to the little guys like the one below.

Clearly I was less interesting than than the scented Summer Strawberry flower this native bee was stomping around on and probing with his proboscis. I had ample time to shove my lense in his face and take some really close macro shots. For once our Canon compact cooperated and agreed on the subject of the photo, auto-focus is infuriating in the 1-5cm range particularly with small fuzzy insects. Not sure what species he belongs to.

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